Under our Justice Sector Reform programme area, we strongly believe that human beings in their distinctive dignity and with their rights and responsibilities are the heart of effective reformation of the justice sector in Nigeria. Acknowledging the fact that key stakeholders to the system are at logger heads with each other due to lack of trust, we try to most especially at the community levels bridge this gap through intense advocacy and demonstration programmes that help to ensure that for example the gate keepers to the justice system which is the Police are in constant cordial relationship with the community members they are to serve by actively involving them for a proactive prevention of crime and conflicts making them stakeholders in the determination of their policing priorities thereby encouraging democratic policing at the grassroots. Doing this we have carried out series of activities in line with our mission, vision and Goal within the limit of our resources in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria and these little advocacy effort has make us today a reference point and foundation for justice in the community.


Our firm believe is that it is only when the people are aware of their rights has a corresponding responsibility that justice can be guaranteed therefore moving away from a draconian regime of the military where might was right, it is important that Nigerians especially at the community levels are educated and enlightened about the requirement for justice otherwise access to justice no matter how lofty its reforms may be is a waste of time and resources as the economist would say that “Production is only completed when it has reach the final consumer“. Our commitment towards this is ongoing and we remain committed to ensuring that everyone know that “injustice to one is injustice to all“