Democratic Reform Program Sector

Experience shows that reform processes will not succeed in the absence of commitment and ownership on the part of those undertaking reforms. A major challenge to the adaptation of society to the changing dynamics associated with democracy has been a lack of local input to and ownership of the emerging narratives and reform agenda.

Whatever the reasons for the absence of local consultation for ownership, it is inimical to development and democracy as domination and paternalism by external actors generate resentment, resistance and inertia among the local beneficiaries to such reforms. As is always said, “local actors have little c ommitment to externally imposed products; these products do not adequately reflect local needs, dynamics and resources; and democracy cannot take root other than by democratic means”

From the above and giving the experience of COMPPART as a community based organization we try as much as we can to ensure adequate, effective and proactive involvement of local actors (stakeholders and shareholders0 to the democratic processes in the early preparation and implementation of all activities geared towards consolidating ongoing democratization of the nation state Nigeria.

We carry out this in partnership with other pro-democracy networks and coalitions such as Transition monitoring group TMG, National Association for peaceful Elections in Nigeria, Independent National Electoral commission INEC and the States independent electoral commissions SIECs.


Under this thematic programme area we have been carrying out different forms of programmes continually before, during and after every elections in Nigeria such as

1. Training and deployment of domestic election observers in Akwa Ibom State
2. Recruitment, Training and Deployment of Electoral violence Education and monitors for the south/south geopolitical zone of Nigeria
3. Interactive Forum between the Electorate and Policy Makers on democratic developments
4. Creating and deepening awareness on the Freedom of Information Act with material supports from Media Rights Agenda Lagos.
5. Town hall Meetings on Mitigating Violence before, during and after elections
6. Voter Sensitization and mobilization on the prevention of electoral violence.

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