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Our Goal is to serve as the leading catalyst in the value re-orientation of citizens into an integrated, security conscious, economic vibrant and democratically governed community that guaranteed proactive, holistic and pragmatic policing and business friendly environment to its population and capable of a sustainable conflicts management strategies.


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An enlightened society with capacity to locate development agenda within a democratic platform and frameworks that reflects the organic element between policing and economy; and between fundamental freedom and socio-economic opportunities


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Over 35 million people have died of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
1.6 million people died in 2012
16 million people are accessing treatment today

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    The need for reformation of the Nigeria Security Sector becomes very important giving the high level security — community violence as a critical socio-political problem of the country. In fact the...
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    Experience shows that reform processes will not succeed in the absence of commitment and ownership on the part of those undertaking reforms. A major challenge to the adaptation of society to...
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    Under our Justice Sector Reform programme area, we strongly believe that human beings in their distinctive dignity and with their rights and responsibilities are the heart of effective reformation of the...
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About Us

Who are we?

Team Work that makes the dream work.
Transparent and Accountable service delivery.
Respect for and Protection of Human Rights.
Humility and Professionalism.
Partnership problem Solving.
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What You Need To Know About Bail

INTRODUCTION  When a person is arrested, one of the several things that can happen to him/her is that, the Police can release him on bail, and equally if he is charged to court, the court before whom he is brought...
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Lets make the Nigerian Business sectors to respect Human rights.

Join hand in calling on the Nigerian Government to sign on and implement the voluntary principls on Security and human rights, “guiding principles on business and humna rights know them: promote them and defend them

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